Ordering a Website Turnkey: One Developer versus Phased Approach

Creating a website is not only a pivotal moment in your business’s internet strategy but also a significant investment in its future. Business owners often face the question: should they entrust the development to one experienced professional or divide the process into stages and assign it to different teams? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of each approach and why ordering a website from one developer may be more preferable.

Ordering a Website Turnkey: One Developer versus Phased Approach

Consistency and Unified Vision

One of the main advantages of ordering a website from one developer is the ability to create a consistent product with a unified vision. When one developer is responsible for all stages of development – from design to launch – it allows for the creation of a website that harmoniously combines design, functionality, and user experience. One developer can more easily delve into all the project details and tailor them to the end goal.

Improved Communication

When all aspects of website development are concentrated in the hands of one developer, it significantly simplifies communication. The absence of the need to transfer information and coordinate actions between different teams and specialists reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and speeds up the development process. Closer interaction between the client and the developer also contributes to more accurate execution of requirements.

Enhanced Quality Control

One of the main challenges of a phased approach is maintaining a consistent level of quality at all stages of development. When everything is in the hands of one developer, it simplifies the quality control process. The developer can more closely monitor every aspect of the project, from conception to implementation, resulting in a higher quality end product.

Time and Resource Savings

Ordering a website turnkey from one developer can also be more economically advantageous in terms of time and resources. Instead of spending time coordinating different teams and waiting for each stage to be completed, business owners can expedite the process by entrusting everything to one specialist.


While the phased approach to website development has its advantages, ordering a website turnkey from one developer presents a more attractive option for many business owners. This approach provides consistency, improved quality, efficient communication, and resource savings. Additionally, it facilitates a more flexible and transparent development process, making it the preferred choice for those aiming for a successful website launch.